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School Holiday Program

superstars of the program

WOW the judging process has been so tough!!!   I  have been absolutely stunned  at the level of the entries and how enthusiastically you guys have all got into this.

I would love to give you all prizes and write you all  personalized messages to say thank you for your amazing entries but there are so so so many of you and I would be writing messages for the two next weeks! So if your name isn’t on the list that doesn’t mean that I havent seen your entry and been really really delighted with what you have done! Make sure you pat yourself on the back and print off your certificate ( download HERE)

 I am mixed between overwhelmed, inspired and thrilled with everything you have done. THANKS!!!

please help me

You are all wonderful and your families are so lucky that you have learnt new food skills! Over the next few days I will post a summary video and a gallery of lots of entries so be sure to come back and have a look. Odds are your smiling face will here!!


Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 10.28.27 AM

I will leave all the challenges and chat boxes on line for you all to have a look back at …  October 2013 School Holiday Program will certainly be remembered for being a lot of fun for a lot of families!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 8.31.26 AMHere we go! Day 3 – naming rights of Friday go to Brianna who suggested today should be foodtastic – we agree – great idea Brianna!!! 

My mail box is totally bulging – you guys have been so busy last night – there have certainly been some very special meals and dinners going on all over the country! We have kids from Invercargill right through to Whangarei – and just about every town in between! As they say on the TV – ‘we have got the country covered’!! Kids who can cook are everywhere!!

Be sure you check out all my little videos  I have made for you – they are on the video tab up above (and on the side). I really would like you to watch 5 short videos… better safe than sorry – kitchen safety tips for kids, to cut or not to cut – how to hold on to a knife so you won’t chop off your fingers,  stuff you need to know so your food won’t kill you and nutrition stuff you should know. Plus the table stuff one is a must watch!?! Check those out to become a clever little foodie!!?! We will be running some quizzes on the videos in the chat boxes so watching those first will help you. 

Okay, by now you know the drill… jump into the BLUE BOX at 10 and share away!! AND then you can rip into the challenges!! Remember you can enter every challenge as often as you like and ALL entries close at 4pm today - but please get them in as soon as you can.

BRIGHT IDEA!!! Today is a good day to plant your potatoes for Christmas Dinner too.

Oh… life is so much fun and so so busy!!


Okay so we are rolling on Day 2! We got off to a great start today!

I will be in the blue box at 1pm to help you with your day. You can ‘jump in’ to the blue box below at any time to see what has been happening! Keep pushing the ‘read more’ button to see the hundreds of posts on today… I am SO IMPRESSED with what you are all doing!!!

 If you are joining us now for the first time  watch this video before you jump into the blue box!

Remember all the Challenges for these few days are posted on this page … JUST SCROLL ON DOWN FOR ALL DETAILS AND ENTRY FORMS…

Here is the famous BLUE BOX>>> Go on …. JUMP IN!!!


Wow  - that was a frantic day! Our mailboxes are bulging  with great entries into the challenges – they are amazing, there are some awesomely clever kids out there cooking and being creative! Just wonderful. I will be back online at 10am in the morning!!

So see you 10am on Thursday – and then I will be back at 1pm to see how you are going.

For those of you who missed the opening video – I do really want you to watch it – so here goes!! Then you can jump into the chat box and see has happened today.

Jump into the blue box!! Be prepared for some action!

You ready???  I am giving you a series of CHALLENGES to do over the next three days. You can do them in WHATEVER ORDER, WHENEVER YOU LIKE as long as you have the entries to us by 4pm on Friday the 4th October. You can do all the challenges or just one or two… it is up to you!!

We have SOME COOL things to do as you cook this week… did I mention cooking is only part of the school holiday program????????? USE THE RECIPES YOU ARE COOKING TO ENTER THE CHALLENGES!

  • Laugh-Out-Loud Challenge
  • Break-Out-the -Barbie Challenge
  • The Over-the-Top-Dinner Challenge
  • The Leave-it-as-you-Found-it Challenge
  • The Travel-the-World Challenge
  • Random Act of Kindness Challenge
  • Blooper Award
  • Spuds Harvest Challenge ( or Plant Spuds for Chrsitmas Dinner Challenge)
  • Smarty Arty Challenge
  • Cheese Please Challenge!

The Prizes

The prizes

Some of the prizes… my garage is full of boxes of this stuff!!!


We have a got heaps of excellent prizes and we will divide these up amongst all the challenges… so it will be a mystery surprise what you could win from each challenge. From Crayola packs, to HOYTS movie passes, to Stevens gift ware, to some 5+A Day stuff to a copy of Who’s Cooking Tonight? to some iPod shuffles!

On the entry forms I ask a couple of questions, just so I give you a prize that you can use!)

  • In addition to some great Crayola pens, pencils etc we have some extra special Crayola DigiTools 3-D Packs for iPads so on the entry forms I need you to let me know if you have an iPad!)
  • We have lots of HOYTS movie passes – so we need to know if there is a HOYTS or Berkley movie theatre near you! These passes are for these school holidays.
  • Some of you will win one of my hard copy books… if you already have one , then you have just got yourself a copy to give to a friend for their birthday! (This won’t be exchanged)


The biggie


Our grand prize of the BOSCH mixer will go the child who we judge to have entered in the spirit of the program the best and who has contributed most during the next few days…

The Amazing Bosch Mixer

The Challenges


Let’s start off with the fun stuff!!

I’ve had a bit of a thing going on with food and glasses last holidays and I absolutely laughed out loud at what you did!

This holidays it is all about the chin!! Now the ‘Chin Family” love fruit and vegetables… send me some groovy fruit and vegetable loving chins!!

The Chins!

What you have to do…

Take it on the chin and show me your Fruit and Vegetable Loving Chins!!!

laugh out loud


claire gourley barbecueWhat you have to do

No, this has nothing to do with the blonde doll, this is iconically Kiwi… barbecues are what we do!

Create a barbecue to remember using one of the recipes in my eBook… Motorway Meatballs, The Works,Barbecue Vegetables… just make sure you have a parent or adult with you when you are using a barbecue.

How to be in to win… TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 1.35.30 PM

TIP: Make sure the photos you attach are not not too BIG – they takes ages to upload and you’ll use too much data!

  • if you are using an Apple – do a screen shot of your photo (command, shift ,4) and send us that.
  • if you are using a PC – click on your photo, go into properties and change the actual size of the photo.


Posh is good!! Formal and fancy is fun. This is all about a special occasion for no reason (apart from that you are doing the holiday program) and turning your place into a restaurant… you know those old movies where they get ‘dressed for dinner’ – well this is it!

What you have to do

Using some of the food you are cooking this week, and recipes from my eBook, go over the top with a table setting. I have done a little video for you so you know which knifes and forks to use, and how to set the table, and a total brush up on table manners for the table so you can totally impress your family by knowing just how to be flash!!!??! Believe me it is fun to be formal! This is good practice too if you ever get to go to a fancy restaurant where there are lots of knives and forks and you don’t know which ones to use!!

Don’t spend any money – just use stuff you can find at home… you could be formal, flash and seriously innovative just using a sheet or a newspaper as a tablecloth!?

Watch my video to get a CRASH COURSE in Table Manners …  what not and what to do at the table!? ( special thanks my Nana who taught me everything I know about this !?!)

Let your imagination run wild… and have FUN!!!!

How to be in to win… TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!

PS: This might be the meal when you can go randomly kind and invite a guest to join you!

over the top challenge


How to be in to win…
cleaningNow this is a toughie!!! The Challenge here is to leave the KITCHEN as you found it…
I have had a few parents winge (you can imagine!!) to me that you guys make great food but the kitchen looks like a bomb site after you have been there…
Sorry dudes this is not how it should be! ALways leave the kitchen in at LEAST as good a state as you found it… good rule for life! So that does mean a quick tidy up when you have finished.
Because I don’t do complicated, I actually choose recipes that make as little mess as possible, so I reckon I am doing my bit to help you… To make it easy on myself I like to tidy up as I go so it isn’t horrible at the end. So take some photos – a ‘before’ and ‘after’ and show me how good you can be!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 1.50.40 PM


Okay – so this is a goodie… you are going to go travelling – without leaving home!!! Food can take us to all sorts of destinations!
How to be in to win…
The Challenge here is to cook and serve some food from another country! It can be a lunch, dinner or a snack.
Now I haven’t given you a recipe for this so you are going to have to do some research… so thinking caps on and you might have to do a bit of googling! Ask a family member, friend or a neighbour to share a dish.
Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.30.25 PM
How to be in to win… TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE DONE – photo and recipe required!

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.50.43 PM


Over the next few days you are going to be doing a fair bit of cooking. I would like you to be randomly kind and ask someone to come to your place and share what you have made. Food always taste better when you share it with someone… you may know someone who is lonely, or who has been sick OR you might just want to something nice and special for someone you know.

What you have to do

  • Prepare some food.
  • Ask a neighbor, a friend, an aunty or your grandparents to come and share something you have made.
  • Doesn’t have to be a big deal…
    • get them over for a bowl of soup. or a cup of tea and a cookie or slice of cake (wrap them up a little ‘take-home’ pack if they live by themselves)
    • have some family join you for one of the dinners you make.
    • it may be a friend who has nothing to do in the holidays so they could join you on the proud to be a kiwi picnic or when you break out the barbie.


random act


wohoo – it’s harvest time…

This challenge is open to the kids who planted potatoes last holidays and are ready to harvest now!!! You need four photos to enter this one, plus the recording of the weight.

1. Take a photo of the bucket BEFORE you harvest

2. Take a photo of your ‘haul’.

3. Weigh the potatoes and tell us how many grew from your one seed potato! If you don’t have scales borrow them from a neighbour or ask to use some at a shop??? (Sorry it’s not that I don’t trust you but to be fair, I need to see a photo of the scales and the reading!!!)

4. Make a dish with your potatoes… you are allowed just to keep it really simple. Maybe boil them and toss in a little butter or mint. Take a photo of your finished dish!

potatoes in bucket


For those kids who didn’t do last holiday program and have got nothing to harvest today… I suggest you plant some NOW and if things go to plan you will have some ready for Christmas dinner! What a cool Christmas present for your family that would be!!!

What you have to do

    1. Download the fact sheet. ( All the details of what you need and how to do it are on this sheet) When you are getting your seed potatoes you will see that some varieties take longer to grow than others… go for a variety that takes 70 days to grow ( that way you will be ready to harvest at Christmas ..) If you need more advice or help ask a parent, neighbour or grandparent ( they are often really keen gardeners who know so much!) or at the garden centre. Download it here how to grow spuds in a bucket!
    2. Watch this video.



The Hand Rules…You might not know it but your hand your best nutrition messenger you have! You only have to look at it and you are reminded of some key things….

1. for every finger you need to eat at least one piece of fruit or vegetable every day

2. the palm of your hand shows you how big your serving is – so your serving size will be bigger than a little kids but smaller than an adult…

What you have to do

Check out my foodie rules to make you food savvy on page 35 of the recipe eBook – there is a link to my Foodie Rules You Tube there too – or go here “nutrition stuff that is good to know’. After you have read the rules and watched the You Tube you will understand the messages…

I want you to focus on the fruit and vegetable rule. Create a poster, design a brochure or make a movie to share with a friend or your family… ( and with all the other kids on the program!)

Remember … it’s all about your hand – do something clever to remind you of the message your hand delivers!

smarty arty challenge


What you have to do

October is Cheese Month!!! So you have to send me in a picture you of something you have cooked this week using CHEESE!  Make sure you tell me what you have done so it can inspire other to cook with cheese too!!

Cheese MonthScreen Shot 2013-10-01 at 4.15.03 PMI want to share what you are doing with everyone else so we can all be a bit more cheesey!?

I have got an awesome awesome prize for the winner of this challenge! These cute knifes plus a really cool book called Cheese! ( Good present for your Mum maybe!?)

cheese please cahllenge


What you have to do

We all learn from our mistakes. Have you been there – burn that?? Has something gone wrong this week ??? Share a little blooper with us – did you drop an egg? – burn an onion? – forget an ingredient?

But here is the catch, you also have to tell us HOW you fixed your blooper!!! What did you LEARN?

Post a photo of yourself on our site with a caption of what happened.


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