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School Holiday Program


I run this program each holidays in the school term to help you have a good time, learn about food, meet some online cooking buddies and cook some great food…

The next programs are scheduled for April, July and October 2014.  Exact dates will be released closer to the time, but they will fall in NZ school holidays.

My mother helps me get it all sorted – so if your parents have any questions they can go to her website – ‘cos this site is for us!!



October Recipes and TipsSign up and join in…

Sign up  to get our April 2014 Program recipes & tips! There are no fees or passwords, once you sign up you are good to go! Registration will open March 2014.


Check out the resources…


Have a good old look at the recipes and instructions in my e book.

These will be the recipes you will be cooking during the program.

I will also give you the stuff  to help you be food savvy – all sorts of things like measuring, safety, food tips and of course I take you through all the steps to work out what you want to cook and making a shopping list etc..



Check in a few days before…

I will have quite a bit more stuff loaded – like new videos etc – so you can have a snoop around!


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.48.27 PM

 LOG ON HERE on day one of the program.

The links of what to do and where to go will be seriously OBVIOUS!

I  will be here to share challenges, tips and tricks for the recipes you are about to cook…

After about 5 minutes of watching my YouTube, and then about half an hour of talking and chatting to me and listening and reading what other kids are doing, you will be absolutely on a mission knowing what to do… The rest of the program just takes care of itself! I tell you, the awesome awesome awesome prizes will get you going!!

You work out how much time you want to spend on the program – if you do all the challenges  you will be busy for about 6 hours! You will have a blast! If you want just to cook  and see what other kids are doing you will probably be occupied for about 2 – 3  hours. I share all the challenges on day one so you can do them when it suits you.

This program is really flexible – I know you will have other things going on – so you can just come and go as you please!  Half a day, one day, two days or three days. It’s up to you – but you have to be in to win if you want any of the prizes!!

fiveDuring the program…

At pre-arranged times during the program I will be online for live-chats for immediate feedback. At other times you can e-mail or message me and I answer right back.

I love to seeing what you do – with photos, videos and / or comments. I’ll help you celebrate successes, commiserate bloopers (it’s good to have a laugh when things go wrong – no point crying!!) and answer as many questions as you need.  I am  there to encourage and support you all the way.

We will have competitions running with prizes that will really REALLY get you going… who doesn’t want an iPod shuffle, some nifty kitchen gadgets or some movie passes?! We’ll have a selection of fun challenges to keep you entertained and motivated during the program.  From over-the-top family dinner challenge, my famous random-act-of-kindness challenge, a travel the world with food challenge to lots of skill based stuff!  I’ve will have a few other surprises up my sleeve too –  the laugh-out-loud challenge is going to have all your family roaring with laughter!!

Trust me – kids on my program will have a good time!


sixWhen the day is over… 

You get a certificate to celebrate your time with me!

Have a look at what kids got up to in the last couple of programs … you can tell they just loved it!

You will too, I look forward to getting to know you!


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