Bye-bye boring!

I had the most amazing time in South Africa, learning about and tasting exotic foods.  One of my foodie rules is a try new foods – don’t be boring –  by eating a little of lots of different foods  your body will get everything it needs.

Well I took this very literally and seriously in South Africa. On day three I tried my first ever Crocodile carpaccio, its finely sliced raw Crocodile meat served with rocket and a mango chutney. Sound bizarre? I promise you it was one of the nicest things I have ever tasted!! Thumbs up for Crocodile!!

Another new thing for me was the waitress who served me the crocodile all dressed in traditional costume, painted some African art on my arm. So cool!!
On day five I visited a school on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa. Here they were serving chicken feet for the children for lunch. They were cooked in a large pot with spices. Luckily for me they went cooked yet so I didn’t have to try one – I think I would have struggled a bit!!! However, as said don’t be boring – so I have to do what I say…  if they were , I would have mustered up the courage to try one.

Closer to home and a lot more ‘normal” in the last School holiday Cooking program I issued a challenge to all the kids to try new-to-you foods. Wow I was blown away with how some kids totally got into things and tried foods which they had never tried before…

I am totally convinced there are hundreds of potential favorite  foods out there just waiting for each of us to find…  and even if you have tried something  a long time ago and didn’t like it then you might just like it now! ( see my blog on Mushrooms!!) A lot of kids take up to 12 times tasting a food before we like  a food!!  So don’t  give up!!

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