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starship I reckon I have a great idea…

I will give you a selection of yummy recipes that you get to cook for your  family and friends… but this time I want you to sell some of it to raise funds for Starship… a win;win – you learn to cook, you help kids in need! Plus you get to lick the bowl!?!

You may have been lucky enough to never have used Starships facilities but you may know of someone who has. Even if you don’t know someone, every year Starship looks after 180,000 Kiwi kids – so this challenge is to help them. You get to bake yummy foods and sell them to your friends and family. You then can jump online and donate your proceeds to where every dollar goes to Starship and helping kiwi kids in need.

I have made this little certificate to show that you are working for Starship.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.14.19 pmThere are three easy steps

  1.  Cook your favourite food or a recipe from my collection – can be anything from muffins or cookies to even whole dinners and charging like a restaurant?!?! Get creative (smile) My e book is available by clicking on the image!
  2.  Sell your food masterpiece to as many people as you can (but save some for yourself) and explain  what you are selling it for.
  3. Donate your proceeds online at - its quick and easy but you  may need a parent to help

Remember every cent counts – so if you manage to sell two pieces of brownie for $1 or or a whole batch for $1.50 or $2 a piece it doesn’t matter… I would just appreciate any help you can give me!

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