What’s in it for you?

As my thank you for getting involved and helping other kiwi kids I have got a few ‘thank you’ packs  of some seriously cool goodies to give YOU a treat!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.47.26 pmI will give these to the kids who raise the most money & /or  go to the most effort to help other kids!

You will also get the amazing ‘feel-good factor for doing something nice for some one else!!

You might know someone who has been to Starship so that may make you more motivated – or you might just like cooking and sharing food!

No matter what your motivation - it doesn’t matter how small the money is you raise… look after the cents and the dollars look after themselves… I reckon if  I can get a few hundred of my cooking buddies all giving a little amount then that will make a HUGE difference.

So go on – cook up a storm and a BIG thanks in advance!

Remember when you have raised you money simply go to the fundraising website and fill it in… make sure you let me know you are one of my cooking buddies! go here


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