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This is my downloadable eBook  – it has heaps of delicious meals with step-by-step instructions – I have put in lots of photos for the bits that are a bit harder to explain in words and I have embedded video clips in the recipes so they can really see how to do things. Cool technology. You’ll love it! You get to choose if you want it in metric (oC & grams etc) or imperial (oF & lbs.)

This first book is potato meals … why potatoes??? Simple really – they taste great and are cheap, they’re loaded with nutrients and you can buy them everywhere, they’re good for the planet and I know you will like them. Besides, I had to start somewhere. Whilst all these recipes have potatoes in them, I have included different types of meals. There is lots of variety with lots of other foods.  I’ve covered meals from awesome filled baked potatoes, scrumptious soup, to-die-for wedges, and the best warm salad you can image. So what are you waiting for – see what I am going on about!

So swing by MY SHOP and grab a copy – and if you get my new hard copy Who’s Cooking Tonight? – you get a copy of this eBook FREE!

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