Presentation Matters

One thing that never ceased to amaze me in South Africa was their beautiful presentation of food. Each meal was served on an oversized platter and arranged perfectly. Even simple things like potato chips were stacked up beautifully, with two thin strips of chives served on a large round white plate with zig zagged plum sauce. SO SO simple, but SO SO effective – instantly its presentation turned it into a much nicer snack.

Another night I had a Salmon steak for dinner. Again it’s presentation was superb. It was served on a large white plate with a stack starting with stir fry vegetables, then a circle of mashed potato and then the juicy salmon. The presentation transformed a simple meal into something amazing!!

Presentation is KEY. It can transform any meal into something soo much better.  Whenever I serve a meal to people I am always trying new new ways to present it nicely however these few tips are always helpful.

1. Serve on an oversized plate – it always creates the impression that the food is a delicacy.

2. Make sure to wipe up any ‘spills’ – when you arrange the food on a plate and it makes a bit of a mess be sure to fix it up with a paper towel (this makes it look more professional!!)

3. Don’t be boring – try new ways to present food all the time!

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