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Hey parents – we have a completely separate site just for you! This is my site where I like to chatterbox with kids, so if you are looking the food savvy message for parents you need to go there…

You’ve probably guessed I‘ve had a bit of help to put this all together… my mother Glenda, is a food writer with a background in getting kids to establish good eating habits –  she is totally mad keen on kids knowing how to make good food choices and learning to cook so we can take better care of ourselves… something must have rubbed off!!

Food savvy Kids is the site that my mother hosts and both of these sites work together… so if you are a parent, pop on over to our parents site


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Cook to Cure

September 9th, 2014

I am all go from now until April 2015 to raise funds for Starship Childrens Hospital. I have put …More>>

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There is another site just for you