Foodie rules – nutrition stuff

This is a bit of a lowdown on nutrition – in language you will relate to!!!

I have a few foodie rules to help me with my food choices  -  I mean we all make food choices – some say around 200 a day (can you believe that!?!?! evidently  most of them subconscious) … but even if we made 10 bad food choices a day over 365 days makes a  HUGE impact on you!

It’s no secret that what we eat affects how we feel. Want to feel good? Eat good food. Have look at my foodie rules … you may be surprised to learn that they include tips on TV and laughing!

Remember – you can’t make good food choices if you don’t know what a good food choice is…  so check these out – I guarantee you’ll learn something and they’ll be the first set of nutrition rules that don’t make you think ‘booorrrrring’!!


Nutrition stuff that you should know

I like the idea that you don’t need to know how a lightbulb works to get the benefit of it. It’s the same with food – you don’t need to get bogged down with details of why / how / when your body works to know what food to eat. So don’t try and get all scientific and complicated with reasons and processes.   These are my foodie rules which will make things really easy for you! Believe me, if you know this you are pretty sorted.


Foodie rules…

Science and common sense collide to reveal staggering recommendations. Give these a go – you’ll feel better – I promise!


All food is ok, but don’t do binge or excess – it’s how much and how often you eat a food… 2 or 3 chocolate biscuits are ok – a packet isn’t… a can or glass of coke is fine – 2 litres is over the top… Watch out for portion distortion – a serving portion should be about the size of your fist!!!

Try new foods – don’t be boring. By eating wide range of foods your body will get everything it needs. A ‘little of lots’ is a great motto.

Fad diets don’t work – never have, never will. Don’t kid yourself… use your common sense.

If your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it don’t eat too much of it… it will probably be over processed.

If it’s greasy or fatty you need to hold back… this stuff blocks your arteries, makes you fat and gives you yuk skin!

Fruit and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that are good for you, so let rip – this is the only stuff you can eat as much as you want.

Carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice and pasta) are your bodies preferred source of energy – you need some every day.

Do some exercise every day (about 60 minutes) – okay okay these are meant to be about food but have you ever noticed that if you slob around, you eat junk food!!! Fact.

Don’t watch too much TV (another strange foodie rule) but people who sit around for hours are far more likely to eat junk food. Fact: too much junk food gives you a big bum.

Laugh lots – happy people seem to make better food choices.

Keep balanced – your body is an incredibly clever balancing machine… Energy in (from your food) has to equal energy out (what your body uses to function and for exercise) if want to stay at about the same weight.  If energy in doesn’t equal energy out – one of two things will happen … you’ll gain weight or you’ll lose weight. It’s simple as that.

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