my ‘how to’ food skills series of videos

This is the place where you teach yourself the basics – and don’t have to ask anyone … haha so you look seriously clever knowing stuff before you are told!!?? And i do apologize cos I was a bit nervous when I first started making YouTubes – lol lol some of them are a bit bad!?!

Most of these are common sense really –  but it is only common sense once you know – by watching these you’ll pick up a few tricks that maybe you should know already and you’ve left it too long to ask someone!!!

How to bake a potato – this is pretty easy…  compares microwave and oven…

How to blanch vegetables – this is sort of ‘part’ cooking so they softened and good to use in salads – for when you want to serve the vegetables cold…

How to boil potatoes – what size do you cut them? how much water do you add? Hot or cold water? How high? How long?…

How to boil vegetables – this is for when you want to serve the vegetables hot…  how big to cut, how long to cook, how much water…

How to cook a steak – there are a few key things you need to sort to get succulent juicy meat… from rare to well done  - find out what you need to do

How to caramelise onions -  for absolutely amazing sweet onions for a salad,to go with meat or in a sandwich  or burger… you’ve got to learn this!!!

How  to cook eggs – it is seriously easy to cook an egg in the microwave – but there are a couple of things you should know!

How to mash potatoes –  this is just one thing you have to know how to do… so yummy

How to stir fry vegetables – a few quick tricks and you’ll have them perfect every time… not too soft, not too crunchy…

How to cook rice… a basic one – but its easy to get wrong…

How to make an omlette – a great light meal when you are by yourself…

How to make white sauce – this is a basic sauce used in a couple of my recipes – creamy fish pie and cheesy pasta bake

Let me know if there are any you want me to do… Keep coming back I will always be adding more!


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