What an experience…

I am just back from an amazing trip to South Africa… I went with my mother to promote this project and share what we have been doing. So while I was there I got to do a cook-off with some local farmers and celebrities, I did some radio and TV interviews. They liked my ‘I don’t do complicated’ theme!

A highlight for me was that  I got to visit schools and talk to groups of kids about healthy eating. Wow – they were so friendly and hungry to learn!! It was was humbling, exciting and I learnt so much about how other cultures eat. All important stuff on my food journey. I got to eat crocodile (tasted a lot like salmon), discover biltong (the dried meat that they eat so much of!) – I even saw their school lunch of a pot full of chicken feet – phew it wasn’t ready for me to sample!!!

AND I got to go to game park, see some zebras up close and ride an elephant!!!

And as you can see from the photo the elephant was so close when he lifted his trunk and blew out my hair went everywhere… very funny!! I love elephants!!! but just look at this cute meerkat  - he sat on my shoulder!!!

I will share more from my trip with you over the coming months!

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