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Surprisingly even though I’ve developed It’s My Turn to Cook Tonight I’m not an aspiring chef.  I love food but, probably like you, I’ve always got heaps of other things to do – so whatever I do has to taste great without much effort!

I’m 18 years old, and have just moved back from Auckland after my first year at University. I come from  Tauranga, New Zealand where I lived with my parents and two brothers – one older, one younger. I am going to Auckland University where I am studying Business. One of my favorite things to do is speaking, in fact I love it – you can never shut me up! I’ve added a  couple of You Tubes below so you can see what I have been up to.

For those of you who don’t know, New Zealand at the bottom of the world – sort of next door to Australia. We are pretty small with a population of only 4 million people. We are a sport mad nation, home to the All Blacks – rugby champions of the world, the place where they filmed Lord of the Rings movies and the place that ‘invented’ bungee jumping. New Zealand  is really beautiful with lots of beaches, lakes, mountains and bubbling hot mud pools.  Oh and we grow really nice food!

Like most New Zealanders, I love sport and being fit. My favourite sports are hockey and tennis – and I really love going to the gym. I did my first half marathon last year and did a full marathon this year … I will show you the medal (REALLY proud of that!!)- but haha no photo ‘cos I was so so so red and exhausted when i finished!!!!

I am the only white face in this photo!

I sponsor five children in African countries ( this is why my recent trip to Africa was so special  - I really enjoyed talking to the kids in the schools). Part of my motivation to write these books is that I want to make a difference in third world countries so I use part of the proceeds from my books to help others. Check out the great work of Child Fund!

 I have pasted my two speeches for National Bank RSA Cyril Bassett VC Speech Competition here (a competition to honor New Zealanders who fought in WWII) – two years in a row I made the national finals – never quite took out the big title … but that is life!!

And this is the speech I did in 2011… ( I did say I love public speaking!!?)

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Cook to Cure

September 9th, 2014

I am all go from now until April 2015 to raise funds for Starship Childrens Hospital. I have put …More>>

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