My reasons for doing this

So what am I doing this for??  (A question I often ask myself!)

Basically I’m here to share my food journey to find out more about food, to discover cool kids cooking ideas & kids recipes and of course to get some cooking skills so you can impress your friends and family!! My holiday programs bring everything together – food, friends and fun!

I often get asked  this, so I thought if you got to know me a little more you would understand where I am coming from!  It’s  just a quick video – so won’t take long!

I want to know enough about food to take good care of myself. I figured lots of you will be the same as me – you love eating food but you’re always busy with friends, school and sport, so you can’t really be bothered spending too much time cooking  - but that doesn’t mean want to settle for average food!

So I decided to take you on my food journey as I have worked out what I need to know to get sorted! I’ve gathered quick, easy kids recipes, written a couple of books and lots of blogs, made a lot of YouTubes, asked a lot of questions(!?! ) and put it all together  school holiday programs so we can work it out together. It’s fun, you won’t become a food expert overnight (no one does!) – but hey you eat every day, what you eat really really affects how you feel, how you learn, how you play sport, how you look, so I reckon you owe it to yourself to be  food savvy! I’m here to help you take food control!!! (hahah that sounds deep!)

My kids  recipes work, taste great and are really really easy. If I didn’t find them reliable, tasty and easy, I ditched them! I’ve added lots of tips and things you’ll probably want answered as you are cooking…

My  food motto is “I don’t do complicated”

Hey – It’s YOUR turn to cook!!!!


PS…  another quick video to find out a bit more about this project!



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